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Apna Heera

The objective of the Apna Heera project-an initiative by Pia Marwah-is to bring individuals with a wide range of disabilities into the mainstream of the workforce, ensuring that they secure job placements in environments that are not only comfortable but also safe. It strives to break down barriers and promote inclusivity. It goes beyond employment […]

LGBTQIA+ Awareness at Step By Step School

Mr. Suri and our team members were invited by Step By Step School, Noida, on November 3rd for a session with the students. Mr. Suri shared his experiences as a queer child in school and other educational institutes, and some tips on how we can make schools a safe space for queer individuals. Our other […]

Project Prahari

Project Prahari is an initiative started by Vir Marwah that attempts to give acid attack warriors a platform to find employment with a larger goal of helping survivors gain financial independence. Prahari also focuses on sensitizing companies against the struggles of warriors and providing necessary training to survivors to equip them to take on jobs. […]

Busting Myths Around the Aro-Ace Community

Keshav Suri Foundation and Indian Asexuals joined hands for this informative group discussion. Attended by individuals from diverse segments of the LGBTQIA+ community, the group gained insights into different identities within the asexual spectrum. Raj Saxena, from Indian Asexuals, led a discussion on the asexual spectrum, dispelling myths surrounding the asexual community.

Career Building Workshop with Aasra

Our team members were invited to take a career-building workshop at Aasra, a shelter home for Transmen in Gurugram on October 21st. The residents of the shelter were taken on an interactive and informative journey of some tips to know while embarking on their career path.

Mr. Keshav Suri Receives the Pioneer Award 2023 by IGLTA

Mr. Suri received the Pioneer Award 2023 from IGLTA (International LGBTQ+ Travel Association) at their 40th Anniversary Global Convention in San Juan, Puerto Rico, on October 4th. This honor recognizes individuals, businesses, or organizations whose innovative spirit and actions have played a pivotal role in advancing LGBTQ+ travel. In addition to receiving the award, Mr. […]

Interaction Visit by Students from Step By Step School, Noida

An inspiring day of bonding and mutual understanding! Step by Step School students came together with our neurodiverse team members for a delightful session filled with laughter, empathy, and shared experiences. Collectively, we delved into the challenges and paved the way for a more inclusive future. ?

Tie-Up with DM Office (West Delhi)

In an inspiring move towards inclusivity and empowerment, the West Delhi District Magistrate (DM), Dr Kinny Singh, has joined hands with the Keshav Suri Foundation to champion the cause of skill development for Persons with Disabilities (PWD) and Transgender individuals in the vibrant world of Hospitality Operations! Under this remarkable partnership, we’re proud to announce […]