In our journey to embrace, empower and mainstream the LGBTQIA+ community, Keshav Suri Foundation in collaboration with Faraz Arif Ansari organize three days acting Workshop in Delhi and Mumbai for trans persons at Kitty Su, The Lalit.

TRANSaction is an initiative for the transgender community to learn, and hone their acting skills, with the mission to mainstream them. The idea came at the launch of Keshav Suri Foundation – Queering the Pitch – where we discussed the lack of opportunities for the transgender community in Bollywood.

TRANSaction – I

March 1st to March 3rd – New Delhi

& March 8 till March 10 – Mumbai

TRANSaction- II

Mumbai – November 8- November 10, 2019

Delhi – November 15, November 17, 2019